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"Mlc Italia was born from the passion for the automobile of a child nine years old, that child was me, a love that has not suffered any signs of erosion during this period and that has always represented a light on my way."

Massimo Cervelli



The consulting service provided in the process of buying luxury and historic cars alongside international collectors is the beating heart of mlc Italia, but that's not all.

mlc Italia is also the promoter of personal growth training programs based on direct experiences in the automotive sector for both young dreamers and those who are already in a continuous process of improvement.


In addition, the mlc Italia spirit shapes collections of objects related to the philosophy of driving as art, which become a symbol of a lifestyle.




The mlc Italia logo encompasses all the history and values on which this project of life rests.

m as the maximum, as a philosophy, as a way of life, as an inspiring principle that always leads to improving what we are.

l as a luxury seen as balance, harmony, lifestyle, elements reserved for those who seek beauty, to those who seek with curiosity in every challenge, in every adventure, something to learn, to understand, to use to find meaning to our existence.

c as cars, the cars that represent the heart of this project, they are not only a physical vehicle but also a container of stories, emotions, tears, growth, memories, dreams.

Italy as a country that with its history, culture and beauty influences everything we do.

The blue in our logo is not only inspired by the Maserati one, the brand with which the history of mlc Italia begins, but it is the only color that can be the perfect synthesis of the values behind the project, because it is balanced but at the same time deep and emotionally engaging, it reassures but also knows how to inspire, blue is the color of dreams, blue is the color we find when we raise our eyes to the sky and find the most important answers.



Driving is an art, driving does not just mean starting and getting to a goal, driving means deciding, taking something to leave something else, it means growing, it means choosing the most important route, not the fastest, not the most comfortable, not the one where everyone passes, but that one no one has yet had the courage to travel, driving means elegance, means passing and leaving a mark , it is a lifestyle, a continuous choice, a journey that never ends.

All forms of art are born from the heart, art can never be right, art is that music that excites only how the notes know how to be together, art is that intense sound of an engine that with its strength transmits the story of men and women who worked on a dream until they realized it believing until the end.



Creating opportunities for growth by guiding people on the path of freedom, control and pleasure to choose their own path and reach their goal.